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New country house in Valluerca (Álava): ‘Siete Huertas’ country house

In the valley de Valdegovía, a province of Álava, a beautiful country house with a capacity of 20 people has just opened: the 7 Huertas. The perfect getaway this autumn if you seek a rural destination where you can unplug, go on excursions and eat wonderful food with all your friends. Treat yourself to nature and awaken your emotions.

Whenever I visit Álava, I think that the province must be completely unknown in the Basque Country. Perhaps because of this it continues o be a marvelous place, untouched. It is true there are no beaches with waves good for surfing here, but, apart from that, I believe that there is nothing that competes with the rest, beginning with the city of Vitoria that seems straight out of a medieval novel, full of mysterious twists and turns.

Here you will discover the landscapes you dream about, with extensive valleys worked by so-called ‘patateros’ of Álava, mountains for hikers, medieval castles - and, I assure you, one of the best Romanesque ones. In addition, every day new foods are discovered emerging from the kitchen that come up with a offer of very interesting menus with influences from neighboring Castilla and of excellent quality.

Today I am focusing on the enchanting valley of Valdegovía, an area that runs through Álava and Burgos, dotted with a handful of small towns that will give you those ‘slow life’ moments that one sees so much in the stories of influencers. After crossing some prominent municipalities, like Espejo – where the ‘good’ children of San Sebastián came to spend their postwar summers  to eat as ‘God rules’ and to recover strength – or Villanueva de Valdegovía, in which the town hall and the tourism office of the whole region are located, we reach our destination, Valleurca. It is a small village that just opened a country house to rent to large groups. Its capacity, up to 20 people, is without a doubt what makes the difference for Siete Huertas, as it is called.

I have been able to come and see it and I must say the renovation has been extraordinary. Its stone walls, which are already over 160 years old, compare with the rest of the grand houses that make up this place far away from the noise and stress of the city. Outside, nature in its pure state, sowing fields, lunches in the quiet and nights covered by an awesome blanket of stars. And I say this directly because you yourself will testify that your surroundings will have woken up a whole lot of emotions…

Inside the house, a simple design where the focal point is without a doubt the wooden beams that support both sides of the roof as well as the neutral colors adding extra light. Its common areas, the living room, dining room …, they are large and lead to an open kitchen with a breakfast bar to prepare food and dinner as a family, as if at a txoco (in Basque culture this is a designated space for cooking, eating and reuniting with friends). We move onto the bedrooms, which also boast warmth thanks to the pretty textiles, wood and small details that adorn the walls. In total expect seven bedrooms: a triple on the ground floor, including an ensuite bathroom; and the other six rooms on the other two floors (all with ensuites apart from the two in the attic which share one).

It is clear that perhaps its greatest treasure is the porch with the garden, where they have included a fantastic barbeque and area with sofas, for chatting mid-afternoon, enjoying a gin and tonic or a regional brandy.

Practical information about Siete Huertas:

Calle Real, 14 · 01427 · Valluerca (Valdegovía).

The rent includes the whole house, it is not possible to rent by room: 375€/night. Maximum capacity is 20 people (+25€ per person when this rises above 15). Pets: 10€ (first night) and 5

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