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We want to encourage you to visit and enjoy Valdegovía and its local area. Valdegovía lures you with its large natural areas where you can lose yourself and enjoy the intact nature and its effervescence. The Nature Park of Valderejo, la Sierra de Árenca, Sobrón or Mount Obarenes are some of the best natural areas reserved in Álava and northern Burgos, where you can fully enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Bicycle paths, horse tracks, hiking, rock climbing and paragliding are some of our activities that you can enjoy all throughout the year.

From Valdegovía you have many fascinating routes available to you; to Salinas de Añana, Frías, Monte de Santiago, Orduña, etc and many charming spots to visit and enjoy.

Valdegovía will entice you through its restaurants; you can find different meals for all tastes and at different prices, from dishes made with local ingredients - fungi and game; a traditional meal and contemporary in restaurants scattered along the valley. The hotels offers are completed with excellent agritourism, farm houses, rural hotels, hostels and campsites, each one with its own personality and subtle charm that adapts to all tastes and necessity. Rooms found in fascinating enclaves decorated with different and innovative ideas that will tempt you and will make your stay easy and comfortable.

Valdegovía will draw you in through its surroundings, which many are the best natural and touristy areas in the Basque Country, La Rioja and north of León. From here you can easily get around and are a few minutes to La Rioja, Vitoria, San Sebastián, Bilbao northern Burgos or to the Cantábrico beaches and you can come back and rest, enjoying the nature.

Come to Valdegovía and learn about our immense natural and artistic heritage. From this website we offer you the possibility of getting to know us and to consider asking all that you desire. We will see you in Valdegovía!

El tiempo en Valdegovía

    • Cielos nubosos con lluvias Jueves
      5 / 12 ºC
    • Cielos NubososViernes
      3 / 19 ºC
    • Cielos NubososSábado
      4 / 15 ºC


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