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During the last few years Valdegovia has experienced a dramatic change in its economy. Originally based purely on agricultural and livestock farming, it is now dependant on agri-foods and sustainable tourism. Many new initiatives have been created within the area of active tourism, nature and luxury hospitality.

One of the major challenges facing Valdegovía is ensuring a stable and permanent population in the surrounding area and preserving the natural characteristics of the landscape which are unique to this region. The Association of Business and Entrepreneurs in Valdegovia contributes to this change, bringing support and backing from civil society and creating a climate in favour of economic development.

Currently, Valdegovia´s economy maintains an important agricultural and farming component, predominantly based on small family run businesses spread across the region which are unlikely to change. The largest businesses are found in the industrial site in Tuesta. The service sector is a powerful and growing economy whose dynamism has attracted much investment from the tourist and hospitality industry during the last few years.

The Association of Businesses and Entrepreneurs of Valdegovía is a non-profit association, whose aim is to promote business activity in the Valley of Valdegovía, encouraging and spreading business culture and the cooperation amongst its members. It also looks to secure the balanced and sustainable development of the area and the necessary means and infrastructure to facilitate the growth of business entities, in addition to representing collective interests. It also promotes volunteering activities with the participation of its members in community and environmental projects, as well as organising educational, cultural and awareness campaigns.

The association actively participates in the sustainable development of Valdegovía, promoting acts and conferences which help to promote the culture of entrepreneurialism. It is considered vital to ensure the spread of broadband and information and communication technologies in rural areas as a way of improving oneself, in addition to attracting new business initiatives.

The association has its head office in calle Arquitecto Jesús Guinea 46, 01426 Villanueva de Valdegovía (Álava), in the office of the associations of the Valdegovía´s townhall.

The association's action spreads across the area of Valdegovía, including the municipalities of Valdegovía, San Zadornil, Berberana, Añana, Ribera Alta, and Lantarón. Rural areas which share problems and worries and to whose entrepreneurs the initiative is aimed.

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