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2015 sewing, astronomy and euskera workshops in Valdegovía

These are the  new sociocultural workshops we have prepared for this 2014/2015 course:

v  Sewing Workshop " First steps in sewing"

o   Monday from 17:00 to 19:00

o   From 26 January  to 20 April

o   Multipurpose Room in Valdegovía´s Library

o   Cost of the course: 35 €/residents and  40 €/non-residents

v  Astronomy Workshop

o  Saturdays in the afternoon/evening

o   From 24 January to 30 June

o   Observations of the sky : in Valdegovía and Zaballa

o   Indoor Sessions : Valdegovía´s Library

o   Cost of  the course : 50 €/ residents and 60 €/ non-residents

 v Euskera courses

o   Beginner and advanced levels

o  Lasts until the end of the school year

o   Groups will be established at different times according to the pupils´ needs

o   80% of the enrolment fee will be subsidised

For more information and to enrol get in contact with Valdegovía´s Public Library

Valdegovía´s Public Library

Arquitecto Jesús Guinea Street,46

01426 Villanueva de Valdegovía


Tel : 945 353042

Fax : 945 353133



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