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Valdegovía is found west of Álava, bordering Burgos and part of Vizcaya. It's an ideal place to get closer to many of the other interesting cultural and touristy areas in northern Spain.

That's why we suggest a few excursions that can be done easily, with Valdegovía as a starting point:


The current political capital of the Basque Country is located 30km from Valdegovía. Vitoria is a city known for its green fields, cycle paths and its take on integrating nature and the city. It's interesting to discover its medieval past; its typical balconies around the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, very close to the Santa María cathedral that inspired the book "Un Mundo sin Fin" by Ken Follet. Walking through Vitoria means discovering its Casco Viejo, the Plaza Nueve, the Dato street and observing a peaceful environment with various stores and an intense life that, late at night turns into bars and restaurants with incredible pinchos (Basque tapas), menus and wines from Rioja.

Rioja (Ruta del vino):

The capital of La Rioja Alta, Haro is located 20 minutes from Valdegovía by car. So visiting La Rioja is compulsory. There are many open wineries and you can visit some of the towns such as Samaniego, Elciego or Laguardia. There will always be a moment to taste the regional wine most famous in Spain, to buy some bottles or to meet up for wine tasting.


Although it seems deceiving, the trip from Valdegovía is very easy. Bilbao is found just 70km away and the journey lasts about an hour by car. You can even leave the car in Orduña and get around using the local trains to get to the centre of Bilbao. In Bilbao the main feature of the city is the Guggenheim Museum, with its fascinating design and interesting art collections. Bilbao is a vibrant, full of life city with many things to see. The Museum of Fine Art also attracts many visitors and it is essential to stroll about and see the best spanish, civilian architecture since the beginning of the 20th century. Whoever visits Bilbao must not forget the Siete Calles and the Casco Viejo, filled with shops ,stores and dozens of great bars and restaurants where the locals and tourists coexist, having pinchos, chacolí or zuritos.

San Sebastian/Donosti:

This city is recognised as one of the prettiest in Cantábrico. Its famous Concha, an amazing beach gives the city a special atmosphere, with the sea and the coast embedded in the city. San Sebastián is known world-wide for its excellent cuisine and for having some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.


A part of Valdegovía; Frías is widely unknown. You probably won't find it on any travel guides, but it is of some interest. With a medieval crown found in the spectacular, local castle, it presides over a village of narrow streets and fascinating places.


At least 100km from Valdegovía, it is worth going to Burgos if only to see its cathedral. It is one of the most amazing cathedrals in Spain with gothic towers that will not leave you indifferent. The interior is equally as interesting, with some of the best altarpieces in Spain. Only 1.5km from the centre of Burgos you will find the Monasterio de las Hueglas where it's possible to have a guided tour that will take you through romantic, gothic and Mudéjar styles that are mixed in with the monastery.

Playas de Cantábrico/Costa Vasca:

From Valdegovía, it is easy to get to various beaches of Cantábrico, such as Santoña, Laredo, Castro, Laga o Mundaka, famous for surfing.


Another interesting town near to Valdegovía is Salvatierra; a much recommended site. Start by visiting the Monasterio de Las Hermanas Clarisas where you can buy sweets that were developed with such great care. The village also has a marvellous collection of shields and a very pleasant main square.


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