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The Hotels and Tourist of Valdegovía brings together professionals from the municipality and surrounding areas including San Zadornil, Lantarón, Berberana, Ribera Alta y Añana. The association aims to promote initiatives which favour the growth of the sector across the region and generate actions of mutual help amongst its members.

The association includes casas rurales, agrotourist and camp sites and rural hotels located within the region. The organisation helps us to understand and learn about the needs and services of our clients. We also try to reach a mutual agreement on how best to deal with the tourist question and how to create services and products for them. Many types of accommodation belong to the association, each with their own characteristics but all eager to ensure a unique and exquisite stay for visitors to Valdegovía.

The association also included different restaurants located across the area. Each restaurant has dishes based on local cuisine, some with a more modern or traditional twist so there really is something for everyone. Game, mushrooms and truffles are amongst some of the unique specificalities, in addition to the potato and beans which are always a prominant feature of any menu in Valdegovía. From a tasty and simple menu of the day to an elaborate offering, Valdegovía has something to offer for every visitor.

Bars and taverns also actively participate in the association. They bring an important element to tourist activity, providing a space for community and exchange, in addition to some delicious pintxos to tickle the tastebuds.

In the last few years, the assocation has counted on the participation of businesses to help tourists discover and enjoy nature in a different way. Working together with active tourism businesses, tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities, such as horse riding, archery, canoeing, adventure parks, indoor rock climbing, 4x4 and BMX trials and other fun and challenging activities.

To teach visitors about the rich natural and artistic patronomy of Valdegovía and the surrounding area, there are a number of multilingual guides who provide guided tours of some of the main attractions in the region.

The Hotels Association of Valdegovía is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote the hospitality industry across the region by encouraging the exchange of ideas, experience and training, in addition to the co-operation amongst its members.

The association has an information point in the office of tourism in Valdegovía on Calle Arquitecto Jesús Guinea, 01426 Villanueva de Valdegovía (Álava), in the same office as the council of Valdegovía.

You can contact us by email, post or phone. We will be delighted to help you and your project or business and to hear about your ideas and contributions.

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calle Arquitecto Jesús Guinea 46,
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