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  1. From Corro to Tobillas along the GR-1 Historical Way
  2. From Pinedo to Corro along the GR-1 Historical Way

From Corro to Tobillas along the GR-1 Historical Way

A brief trip which nonetheless gives us the opportunity to enjoy the San Vítores hermitage and the Tobillas church, the oldest Pre-Romanesque religious building in Álava.

Difficulty: Low      

Difficulty (mountain bike): Low

From Lower Corro (620m / 0h), we cross the road, leaving the last houses behind us and head off towards Villanueva. We take a path next to an old ceramics shop, which heads south towards the Peaks of Gobea and the already-visible San Vítores hermitage.

Leaving the hamlet behind, we start up the steep slope which leads to the hermitage (0h 10). From this beautiful spot, enjoying wonderful views of the valley and protected by the curious rectangular church, we have two options for getting to Tobillas. The easiest of these consists of descending to the bank of the river Omecillo, and following the slight trail upriver until it becomes a clear, wide road to Tobillas.

However, bearing in mind the group’s energy levels, it might be easier to follow the GR-1 and use the above route for the return trip. To find the GR-1, we get up from our rest at the hermitage and head south along a steep slope into a dense pine forest. As we progress further, we notice the nearby rocky cliffs which mark the Peña Carrias. Arriving at a crossroad (0h 20), we turn right (NW) and begin a long, pleasant descent. In San Juabanera, we can refresh ourselves in the waters of the stream which flows down the mountain next to a great, solitary chalet. This is a spot of outstanding beauty. The views over Corro and the valley itself which opens up towards the north, the nearby Gobea Peaks, Carrias Rock, the cherry tree orchards…

Up ahead is a crossroads: a diversion to the left allows us to explore the Rock; heading to the right, another road descends sharply to the bridge which crosses the Omecillo and heads towards Corro. Up ahead is a downhill path towards the town of Tobillas (0h 45).

If you wish to return to Corro, it’s easier to do so by following the Omecillo river. We pass over the foothills of Berocedo and Mampolle, between golden wheatfields peppered with poppies and fields where the famous Alavese potatoes are cultivated. At Tresmolinos, we ford the stream, discovering a beautiful hidden waterfall, just before field meets tarmac and we set off up the short hill to Corro (680m / 1h 5).

Route taken from the Valdegovía Tourist and Hiking Guide. Authors: Juan Carlos Abascal and Ricardo Hernani



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