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What to buy in Valdegovia

When you find yourself in Valdegovia you will certainly want to take home some of the typical local produce of the area.

Valdegovia is most famous for its potatoes. The local climate and the special nature of the soil make it possible to grow potatoes of exceptional quality and have allowed the area to establish a certification standard to maintain the quality of production. Many different varieties are grown here, including some that are known internationally, such as Kennebec and Jaerla. Many others grown throughtout the world have their origin in Valdegovia following a careful selection process. Local farmers sell their potatoes and you will find them in different places throughout the valley. Normally they are sold in 25kg sacks.

As well as the potato, another local product of exceptional quality is honey. There are several bee keepers that produce small amounts and will sell it to you directly or you can buy it through the local buisness' and supermarkets in Valdegovia. The ancient heathers, distinct to Valdegovia, give the honey a special and unique taste which changes each year depending on the amount rainfall in August.

In the last few years there has been a growth in the production of truffles and the food culture that goes with them. If you ask, the local producers will sell directly to you.

Alongside these naturally grown products there are also handmade foods and arts and crafts to buy. If you like homemade bread then the place to head for is the bakery in Espejo. Follow this with a visit to the charcuterie called "Bringas" in the village of Berguenda, which is famous for it's black puddings and sausages. Also recommended are the homemade cheeses from the villages of Llorengoz and Zaballa. Finally, don't forget the candles made by the nuns in the Convent of St Joan of Arc in Salinas de Anana.

All of these products and much more besides, are available in the supermarkets of Villanueva de Vadegovia and Espejo and the breadshop in Espejo. Many of the bars also sell some of these products, especially honey, and you will be able to find other local products and handmade items in the agroturisomos, casas rurales and at the campsite in Angosto. The Tourist Office in Valdegovia will also be able to help you with expert advice.

Valdegovía will seduce you with its local produce!


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