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Truffle Discovery Tours


10:30. Talk: THE TRUFFLE, ecological characteristics and cultivation.

11:00 - 12:30. Tour of truffle farm and demontration of truffle harvest with truffle-hunting dog.

12:30. If the group is having lunch, they are accompanied to the restaurant.

Chance to buy fresh truffles.

The tour starts at the Valdegovía Tourist Office at 10:30am.

Tours are scheduled for: 28th January 

  • 25 Euros

Salt Valley, Varona Castle and Tuesta


 Price includes:

10:00. Tour of Salt Valley

12:00.  Coffee/wine and snack 

13:00. Visit to Varona Castle

14:30. Lunch 

17:00. Visit to Tuesta Church

The excursion includes a guided tour of the tourist areas of the Salt Valley in Salinas de Añana, of Varona Castle and of Tuesta Church. 

Timetables may be changed to suit the needs of visitors.

  • 30 Euros

Tuesta Church and Varona Castle


Price includes:

10:00. Visit to Tuesta Church

12:00. Coffee/wine and snack

13:00. Visit to Varona Castle

14:30. Lunch

Price includes visits to Tuesta Church and Varona Castle in Villanañe

  • 25 Euros

Day trip around Valdegovía for groups

This offer is open to groups of ten to fifty people

10:00am: Arrival in Valdegovía-Gaubea.

10:30am: A guided tour of points of interest in the area (1 hour).

12:00pm: A gastronomic rest stop. A snack based around Valdegovía’s star product: the potato, accompanied with a glass of wine orgrape juice.

1:00pm. Guided tour of Varona Castle.

2:30pm: Lunch in your chosen restaurant.

4:00pm: Tours available during the afternoon.

For more information, click here

Price per person, and includes the following services: educational material, morning tours, wine and snack, restaurant lunch.            

21 Euros

  • 21 Euros

  • 20 Euros

Day Tour aboard our SUVs. We can pick you up at any of the accommodation that you meet and start our route Valdegovía aboard our luxury cars equipped with every comfort. The tours are led by a qualified guide-driver expert on the area that will help you discover every corner of Valdegovía.
During our route we will stop to visit hermit caves, castle towers, Romanesque churches, Roman salt ... and endless details of the artistic and natural heritage of tasting and food combinations.

  • 40 Euros

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