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  • Valdegovía is an internet space offering free information about hotel offers and tourist activities in Valdegovía and the surrounding area. It provides free internet spaces for associates and members of the Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Association of Valdegovía and the Hotels and Tourism Association of Valdegovía with the aim of recruiting students by disseminating information about their activities, products and services.
  • is the property of the Association of Businessmen and Entrepreneurs of Valdegovía and the surrounding area. It is a non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Calle Arquitecto Jesús Guinea 46 de Villanueva de Valdegovía (Álava) con CIF: G01426139


  • is a source of information on hotel offers, restaurants, bars and agrotourism in Valdegovía and the surrounding area. Users can utlise the search engine to find various results.
  • provides information on the activities that the associations described in point 1, tourist and general information related to the region, or other subjects that are of interest to the user or the associates.
  • If the user requires additional information, they can request it through the system or, contact the businesses directly. Such information requests can then be sent to the businesses or to tourist information who can reply directly.

User terms and conditions

  • Access to is voluntary and consists of anyone who has accessed the site through the URL. Having accessed the site voluntarily, the user accepts the terms and conditions presented in the legal warning and general conditions of use.
  • All the actions carried out by the user on Valdegoví are the responsibility of the user. The user understands that all the material and content of the page belongs to
  • Under no circumstances can the directory be used to distribute publicity or commercial offers of any sort.
  • The user recognises that unauthorised usage of websites materials or tools may result in legal or civil penalties.

Member businesses and organisations

  • The restaurants and bars, hotels, campsites and other businesses can freely place product offers and services as long as the content adheres to the rules of the directory. Businesses are entirely responsable for the information they provide and for keeping it up to date.
  • Businesses and organisations with their own space on the web, can self-edit offers and news using their own user name and password. In case of the loss or theft of the user name and password, should be immediately contacted.
  • reserves the right to exclude all information it considers inaccurate or unsuitable.
  • Any person with a business or activity located in Valdegovía or the surrounding area who is an associate of the organisations referred to in section 1 can request information be included in To express an interest in featuring on the website, contact:

Limitation of Responsibility

  • does not guarantee neither the reliability of the services or products on offered by any business advertised on nor does it have responsability for the quality or the performance that is provided to the user.
  • The use of any of the services or products offered by any of the businesses on by the user is a business transaction between the user and the organisation; any question, doubt or dispute is between the user and the provider.
  • is not responsible for the veracity of the information introduced by the businesses or users. The users are aware that they should contact the product and service providers for additional information or to verify the conditions or exact description of the services on offer.
  • is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions in the information provided.

Credit Card Payment Method

  • includes a secure credit card payment for services and products advertised on the site, in addition to payment for members subscription.
  • does not guarantee that credit cards or debit cards will be accepted by the online payment system. The bank establishes security conditions, passwords and terms and conditions of use for users and
  • Payments made via the credit card payment system for products and services advertised via the website are for the those companies gain; the said companies are responsable for provision of services and the delivery of the product, the issuing of invoices and other legal responsabilities. acts as a mere payment manager whilst the credit card payment system enables transactions between businesses and a third party without an lucrative gain for Valdegoví


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