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The Álava County Council has announced grants for new businesspeople and entrepreneurs

The Álava County Council has announced grants for new businesspeople and entrepreneurs. You can get more information by following this link.


These grants aim to support entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies in  Álava, with special attention being given to those innovative companies ,who contribute to Álava´s business network with activities which provide diversity and which explore new technologies, with high added value and the potential for growth. 

The following promoters and companies who have innovative projects can access the current grants program:

a) Invidual promoters who have plans to create a new business entity.

b) Companies from Álava who want to expand their activity and who present a specific plan to create a new business entity with a different legal profile to their original business.

c) Companies or promoters with their headquarters outside Álava  who will set up a hub in our province.

d) Companies from Álava which are already established , which have been in existence for a maximum of two years when the application is submitted and which are still in the early phases of their activity.

Businesses must be up-to-date with their Tax and Social Security. Proyects which the public sector directly holds shares in and public-sector bodies as well as people and proceedings that can benefit from the Plan de Ayudas (Grants Plan) for the Álava´s agricultural sector are excluded from this grants program.


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