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  1. From Corro to Tobillas along the GR-1 Historical Way
  2. From Pinedo to Corro along the GR-1 Historical Way

From Pinedo to Corro along the GR-1 Historical Way

A gentle trail, which joins two rural beauty spots that offer the visitor the best panoramic views over the Valdegovía valley and wonderful monasteries to visit.

Difficulty: Low    Difficulty (mountain bike): Low    Part of the GR-1

Starting in the town of Pinedo, we take the main road uphill until we pass the final few houses before the cemetery (720 m / 0h).

A few metres before the cemetery, the route turns to the left (SW) and descends in a pronounced manner through a tapestry of fields. We continue to descend until we reach the Pinedo stream, next to the Basabe road (0h 10m). Turning a few metres towards the town, we head left again (S) through a meadow into La Presilla. The trail continues completely smoothly towards Carrias Rock, silhouetted against the horizon.

We now enjoy a pleasant walk between the fields and the Canalejas slope on our right. On this slope, if we look among the undergrowth, we can easily find a man-made hollow once used as a hermit cave, a taster of the famous and fast-approaching Cuevas de los Moros.

Ahead, the field trail turns widely to the right (W) and continues parallel to the Villanueva-Bóveda road before reaching a picnic area. Here, we can spot signs for the previously-mentioned Cuevas de los Moros. We turn right along the wide track, leaving the picnic area behind us, and a few metres down the road turn left again into Solascuevas.

The trail passes below a rocky crag, winding beautifully into a diverse forest of Portuguese oaks, holm oaks, holly trees… A short diversion at a crossroads takes us to the caves (Oh 35). Back at the crossroads, we continue through the forest until emerging into a wheatfield, our path merging with its boundary. From here, we can spot Lower Corro, and head towards it until reaching the caserío (farmhouse) (0h 45).

Route taken from the Valdegovía Tourist and Hiking Guide. Authors: Juan Carlos Abascal and Ricardo Hernani.



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