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Schools & Courses selected for the digital business prizes


One of the IT projects of Schools & Courses is a finalist for the Digital Business awards, organised by the SPRI, the Basque Government and the provincial councils.

The project specifically selected for the awards was an Intranet – Extranet used by clients, teachers and admin staff at CloseTeachers, Schools & Courses and EuroeanInternships.
Through the Extranet, you can access your own, personalised space where you can see information about the chosen program of study. On accessing the Extranet, students can:
• View the timetable of cultural and recreational activities organised at the headquarters.
• Understand the composition of the Spanish class, the teacher, classmates and the learning objectives for the week.
• Download documents about each educational program: information on the destination city, accommodation, destination hotel or business.
• Download the bill for the contracted services and information on the methods of payment.

We invite you to watch the video of the prize-giving and the winners.


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