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Apprenticeship in hotels: learn Spanish easily in restaurants.

I decided to come to Spain for a month to practice my Spanish with Instituto Hemingway . I am a French student in America and I have studied Spanish in College but I didn’t really want to take classes. Therefore, working in Spain seemed like the best way to improve my Spanish. I didn’t know what awaited me before I arrived in Nograro, the small village in which I lived and worked for a month. Now I can say that is a very interesting experience, getting to know and speaking to the people of the village. Arantxa, the owner of the Casa Arauko is a kind and fun woman. Also helping her are her father, Rufino and her friend, Victor who are very nice. The Casa Rural is a very beautiful and comfortable house that has a bar and restaurant and bedrooms.

There is a lot of work to do in the house. One of my jobs is to clean the house but I enjoy working in the restaurant as a waiter or on the bar, which is my favourite thing to do. Every afternoon people from Nograro and other neighbouring towns come to the bar to drink and to talk. During the week, the inhabitants of the town frequent the bar and this is why I have got to know the people of the town so well, it seems to me that this town is like one big family! I find it very strange that people pay for rounds of drinks in town, but it is very kind. During my first day off I visited Vitoria; it is a beautiful city with a very interesting old town. Nograro is located close to other cities such as; Bilbao, Santander and Miranda. It is very easy to adapt to city life. I have learnt about the Basque way of life and their traditions. I saw the celebration of San Juan in Miranda where the people wear traditional Basque clothes.

Finally, as the Casa Rural Arauko has a restaurant I have tried many foods that are traditional of the Basque region and of Spain, I have really enjoyed them! I have also taken a walk through the countryside and the mountains near to Nograro. The owner, Arantxa has really helped me to practise my Spanish; she helps me when we speak together and also when I have to write in Spanish.

Alexandre Hawath

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31/05/2010   Alexandre Hawath   17 comentario/s

I participated in the Hospitality Management scheme offered by Instituto Hemingway. It was a great experience. I made some amazing friends, perfected my Spanish and improved my confidence (I had always been a fairly shy person) but working in the hotel greatly improved my communication skills because I had to deal with a lot of customers. The staff at the hotel were great. They really helped me get a feel for the job, and were always so patient when I spoke Spanish (my Spanish wasn´t that great when I arrived). The only thing that I think I should stress is the importance of taking the job seriously. The staff at hotel where I worked were really friendly but they take their job seriously. I was accepted as part of the team but I had to make sure that everything I did was done to the high standard that the hotel expects. However, I think that as long as you try your best you´ll be fine and this will prove to be a life-changing experience. I would also advise you to do any travelling that you want to do before or after you complete the programme. The hotel will accept you on to the team but it`s important that you are professional. Spain is a great place but going on holiday whilst you´re supposed to be working (or cutting your stay short) doesn´t create the best impression. I really miss my time at the hotel and really wish I could go back. Enjoy your time there!

por greg wanosa 2010-07-22

Thanks for being here with me in the bad times. I really appreciate it.

por Robert 2010-07-02

Can I say hello to Chelo, Itziar and Pedro? I miss all of you guys

por Patrick 2010-07-02

ThanksGod I will spend the rest of my life in the land of my ancestors!!

por Alex 2010-07-02

how about Juanjo? He was a great guy in the office of the townhall. Regards to him

por agripina 2010-07-02

I love you guys for all the things you have done to me!

por albino 2010-07-02

I still remember the tons of friends I met there.

por George 2010-06-25

I love all of you!! My Spanish is fluent thanks to my time there.

por Lisbeth 2010-06-25

Instituto Hemingway was the best program ever. I wish I could have met you guys!

por sam 2010-06-25

Great mementos, great time in my life.. beautiful girls, fiestas everywhere.. THANKS

por anthony 2010-06-25

I loved my time there!!

por sandra 2010-06-18

I just loved Instituto Hemingway staff. I speak fluent Spanish now

por peter 2010-06-18

Instituto Hemingway was great!! I personally met Alfredo and jose and was was one the best experiences in my life ever!!

por Francisco 2010-06-18

Thanks to all staff from instituto Hemingway for this faboulous program of hospitality management. The program was fantastic, people very kind and my Spanish superb after 2 months there.

por julian 2010-06-18

I enjoyed myself a LOT during my program with hospitality management with Instituto Hemingway. I appreciate all efforts done by staff to make me feel right at home. Everything there was great despite the weather:-)

por Anthony 2010-06-18

I enjoyed very much my time there. Thanks so much Alfredo for your support and kindness. You are the man!!

por jose 2010-06-17

I really enjoyed my stay in Valdegovia. Arancha is a very nice woman who makes me feel at home. Thanks to Instituto Hemingway for their support during my entire stay.

por Wendy 2010-06-16

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