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Nosco - Servicios turísticos y de ocio

C/ Arquitecto Jesús Guinea, 46
01426 Villanueva de Valdegovía (Álava)
(+34) 945 353 040
(+34) 699 846 593
Yolanda Sobrón Larrimbe
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 42.851554
Longitud: -3.088531

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NOSCO is a company that works in leisure and tourism campsites, which is available to those who visit Valdegovía and Añana County as well as the local inhabitants.

The Valdegovía Tourism Office, administered by NOSCO, serves as the starting point for discovering the valley and its region.

Working for the environment, the business focuses all of its activity on sustainable tourism, collaborating with Local Agenda 21.

Like the offer at this destination, the services, which are supported by the business, are so diverse and varied: culture, history, art, nature, ethnology, mycology, gastronomy. In this offer, NOSCO assure you personal attention if required

Our services include:

  • Guided tours of all the monuments and museums in the area: Varona Palace Towers, Salado Valley, the Museum of Water, Tuesta churches, Tobillas and Valpuesta and many more.
  • Guided hikes and a list of cultural routes.
  • Programs; from midday, all day or overnight.
  • Guided visits to discover truffles. Talks on the ecological characteristics and the cultivation of truffles, and the harvest demonstration with dogs. Period: from November to March
  • School trips with cultural and environmental interests.
  • Talks and courses with touristy, historical/artistic and environmental interests
  • Local events

NOSCO invites you to discover a region of Álava of which the view of its countryside and its past makes you want to discover and interpret the wide history and artistic treasures it entails.



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