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Agroturismo Molino Solapeña

Carretera de Boveda, 7
01427 Corro (Álava)
(+34) 945 353 127
(+34) 677 563 576
Nerea Urtaran
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 42.875224262
Longitud: -3.172606978

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Situated in the Valdegovía valley, more specifically in Corro, the Solapeña Mill agritourism offers all those who go, the possibility to enjoy its exceptional environment, rich in historical, artistic and natural heritage; in which its rustic villages, livestock and agriculture, rich woodlands and animals, the costumes and modesty of its people . . . constitutes an ideal place for discovering nature in its purest state.


The agritourism is found in Corro opposite Peña Carria. In reality is an old mill in which every corner tells a story from the west valley and of its village, where it fulfils an important social function. Its mechanism has been conserved and is in perfect condition, enabling you to learn about one of the services it has carried out for many centuries, giving a daily pulse of life to the people. Restored in 2003, it has dealt with all periods and fully respects its origens, so that it can offer its visitors the enchantment of one of the few places that shows its authenticity whilst trying to integrate all the commodities that makes your stay with us unforgettable.


  • 5 rooms with a bathroom and television. One of the rooms is perfectly equipped for those in wheelchairs.

  • Dining room with television

  • Kitchen

  • Parking

  • Central heating

  • Fireplace

  • Landscaped areas.





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