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Bar restaurante Batzoki

Calle La Iglesia 15
Villanueva de Valdegovía, 01426
(34) 671031668
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 42.847111
Longitud: -3.098388

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Bar-restaurant Batzoki is situated in Villanueva de Valdegovía, next to the parish church in a strategic location with excellent views of the town and the municipality as a whole.

Bar-restaurant Batzoki is always a meeting point, situated next to the supermarket where it is easy to make a stop on the way. It is frequently open and has an interesting and delicious menu based on pintxos. Come and have a coffee, a delicious Spanish tortilla, some wine and chat with locals and visitors in the bar or on the terrace.

Bar-restaurant Batzoki offers menu of the day during the week and lunch and dinner menus for the weekends. Come and enjoy traditional cooking with produce from the local area. It is a nice, family friendly place where you can relax and enjoy yourself or celebrate whatever event (birthdays, gatherings…). El Batzoki has a bright and spacious dining room for 30 diners with excellent views of Peña Karria Mountain.



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