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Instituto Hemingway review hospitality Management program

This spring, I decided to come to Spain for a month to improve my level of Spanish and to learn about Spanish cooking. I had studied cooking in Miami, but I didn’t know a lot about Spanish cooking.

I found the program organised by Instituto Hemingway on the Internet and I decided to take part in it. As I am American, I obtained a student visa for 6 months and I travelled to Instituto Hemingway’s headquarters in Bilbao, where I took an intensive course in Spanish language. I found it especially useful as I didn’t know much Spanish before. I soon learnt that not everyone speaks English in Spain and that my time here would be much more beneficial if I could communicate confidently in Spanish.

During my stay in Bilbao I learnt a lot of things about Spanish culture, and above all about cooking. With , I took a course in basic hospitality online that helped me to understand the catering industry in Spain, although I have found that the best way was to discover by myself by visiting the restaurants in Bilbao. Bilbao is situated in a region of Spain called the Basque Country, where you will find the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants….and now I know why. All the bars offer delicious tapas called pintxos, and are miniature versions of the delicious dishes. The restaurants offer menus based on products from the market; meat, fish and vegetables that you can buy at the local markets, like La Ribera along the river in Bilbao.

After a month in Bilbao at Instituto Hemingway, I aimed to do a work placement at the hotel restaurant Casa Arauko in Valdegovía.

It is situated 60km from Bilbao, and 35km from Vitoria. Valdegovía is a rural area where it is easy to make friends and meet the local people. I went there, and I met the owner of Casa Arauko, Arancha, who welcomed me with open arms. Arancha is an excellent cook, although she always denies it, and I have learnt a lot about Spanish and Basque cooking from her. Now I have learnt to cook various types of paella, cod and even peppers in squid ink, as well as other specialities involving mushrooms and game.
At the restaurant I worked 5 days a week, and during my free time I visited the famous vineyards of La Rioja, and other nearby cities such as Logroño, Burgos and San Sebastián.

I have returned to Miami with the idea of opening up my own restaurant. I know that it is difficult, but I will try to achieve it.

I would like to thank Arancha and Instituto Hemingway for all that they have done for me during my time in Spain.

Sarah Vincent

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26/05/2010   Sarah Vincent   18 comentario/s

I wanna go there, have the life of my time and start a new life. I wish I could be there right now!! Everybody seems to be so happy!

por Maria 2010-06-24

I have been told that there are beautiful girls over there. Is that true? Hope they are easy and fun:-)

por Charles Dwight 2010-06-24

I speak Spanish and I read with great interest all these posts. I would like going there guys. What do I have to do?

por Sebastian 2010-06-24

How do we go there? I would love visiting it. Everybody seems to have been so happy and relaxed!!

por Lucho 2010-06-24

After some years, I still remember the landscapes, the villages, the cozy cottages and the great people who inhabit these enchanged villages.

por agripina 2010-06-22

I would like to give a hand to all people willing to go there. I have tons of info and tons of great moments.

por albino 2010-06-22

Is anybody going there? Did you meet Arancha? She was a great woman with lots of interest points. She read my hands and all came true!!

por juan 2010-06-22

My experience with Instituto Hemignway was the best experience I could imagine in my dreams!! the internship was georgeous!!

por anthony 2010-06-22

Thanks to everybody!!
When is the next time to return?? I still miss all of you. It has been one year since then.

por john 2010-06-22

I fell in love with city and people. My American friends came to visit me and did not want to return. THANKS!!

por Jose diaz 2010-06-22

Hi Alfredo!

My experience there thanks to your kindness and politeness, your good sense of humour and your teaching skills were more than expected. GREAT!!

por Pete 2010-06-22

This program has been a rewarding experience that would to share with everyone. Gracias to all people involved. I would like to visit it again. Anybody coming with me?

por Sarah 2010-06-22

The best time of my life ever

por phillip 2010-06-22

Only excellent reviews of hospitality management. Great experience!!

por Julius 2010-06-22

It was a great moment of hospitality management.

por chema 2010-06-22

I really enjoyed my experience of hospitality management there. Thanks to everybody!!

por Peter 2010-06-22

This is the best honest review I can do about hospitality management in Spain. I took part in the program 2 years ago and I still remember it. Now, I am fluent in Spanish and although I had mixed feelings to apply for it I have no regrets so far. Instituto Hemingway did for me more than expected.

por Chema 2010-05-27

I did the same program and participated in the hospitality management program. It was just great! I enjoyed so much my stay there. People were very friendly in that area and met lots of friends. Thanks so much for this wonderful time!

por Julius 2010-05-26

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